The first step is request a visit to the apartment or office for the day of your arrival. You will be noticed in advance about the payments of guarantees or deposit, rents and commissions. In Spain, cash payments are still used, especially traditional owners, as long as the rent law allows it. An agreement is signed with the office / apartment and you get the keys, see the map where you live. Please send your passport number and NIE in advance (if you have one). Bring a copy of your passport and NIE with you. The rental contract is sent in Finnish or in the form of a copy.

The role of the agent is to transfer the property and follow the terms of the contract, if is necessary, and act as interpreter in matters related to the content of the contract, for example, the resignation or renewal of the contract. The agent charges other tasks for example, night service € 50 / hour 24-07.

Keeping the keys is the responsibility of the tenant, if the key was forgotten inside the apartment, it disappears or stays blocked; the tenant is the one responsible for calling the locksmith. The numbers are found on most bulletin boards in the house “Cerrajero”. Try that´s never happens, locksmith is very expensive and he abuse of prices.

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For a right working of air conditioning it´s necesary close all windows. That there is mold on the surface does not mean that “the apartment is moldy.” If the toilet lid remains closed, there will be mildew. Wash mold from surfaces with bleach. Unfortunately, on the coast, there is a widespread complaint of “home epidemic”, it is so common that owners no longer accept serious complaints, because even without reason, many customers have tried to obtain price reductions based on this problem. However, we take your concerns very seriously when the problem is permanent and harmful, and we try to negotiate solutions with the owner.

Electricity costs twice as much in Finland as in Spain (with often predetermined meters), so it is very difficult to claim it. The apartment has a thermostat to heat the water. If the hot water runs out, you should wait until the water heats up again. Remember that the water is heated by electrical / solar panels. In winter, almost all apartments are colder than in Finland, so it is not useful to complain. In Spain, heaters and wool socks are also needed.

If the butane gas is finished, there is available some days of the week moving in the streets, the butane orange truck (you can raise your hand: “a butane bottle” “bombona de butano”) or you can find it in a gas station, but transport its not allow in a car. Depending on the area the truck will pass one day or another.

Read the rules of the community and remember that the break time is from 24 a.m. to 7 a.m.

Garbage is classified in metal or plastic containers, just as garbage is classified in Finland. ¡Same colors!

Security: Do not take flowers from the promenade of unknown places, always keep your travel bag in the front when you move among the crowd, do not put the travel bag on the floor under any circumstances. Do not store your wallet or mobile phone in back pockets. The most common place to be stolen is the promenade and the markets. Usually, the coast is quite safe, but there may always be an unforeseen event.

”When you travel, remember that a foreign country is not designed to make you comfortable. It is designed to make its own people comfortable” -Clifton Fadiman-

About 20% of the new tenants want to return in half a year to Finland, it is normal, Spain is a different environment and is not suitable for everyone. Remember to say hello when you go out in public and say goodbye when you leave. Keep the good reputation of the Finns in the future. You are cordially invited to be our client.

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